25 October 2020
Date : 2017 Saturday 16 Sep     |     Code : 349

dr parinaz mehnati

The 4th Asian Radiation Research Congress in Kazakhstan - Astana City was held from 14 to 16 August 2017. Congress of radiation research in Europe and the United States has been in existence for more than 60 years in collaboration with the relevant radiation research community and is the fourth such event in Asia. At this congress I was present from Iran and at all meetings I was welcomed as a representative of Iran with a specific label.
The way of holding the first day and opening ceremony at Nazarbayev Medical University and the following days at the Comfort Hotel Hall were held. The level of articles and the presentation of the results were very good and diverse considering the fact that the representatives of different countries were present and a good scientific exchange was possible. The content of article had novelty and very useful.
The University of Nazarbayev has both a medical and technical department of medical science, which welcomes medical students from Asian countries and provides students with scholarships and opportunities to travel to certain European universities.
Radiation studies play a very important role in diagnosing and treating diseases. The issues raised at the congress were mainly about the biological effects of radiation on cells, the genetic effects and, finally, the physical nature of the beam, how it collided with different particle sizes from micro to nano. Among other issues, the protection of personnel and patient from unwanted radiation in diagnostic and therapeutic cases, there were many new articles on this subject.
I presented the results of the research in terms of the received dose of cardiologists during angiography with both physical and biological dosimeters. This research is an approved research project and a dissertation which was conducted at Shahid Madani Hospital in Tabriz.
Our presence was in line with the EXPO 2017 and we were able to participate in this great and very interesting exhibition. The official language of Kazakhstan is Russian. But most people can understand and speak Azeri language at least 60 percent. The official religion was Islam and there was a beautiful mosque with excellent architecture.

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