05 August 2021

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Welcome to the Postgraduate   Medical Education Office of the Medicine Faculty.  We offer  20 Specialty, 8 Subspecialty, 5 fellowship training  programs.  The  duration  of  training  of the specialty programs  varies  from  3  years  to  5  years. There  are  currently approximately 560 trainees’ residents, 24    residents of subspecialty and 11 fellows. The information contained in this section will help  applicants  to get familiar with the process of specialty  and  subspecialty  training at  Medicine faulty of TUOMS  and  in  our  hospital network,  as well  the  objectives  of  training,  the  standards  of  behavior  in  the  learning  setting, the postgraduate evaluation and promotion system.

The Deputy Dean and the Office of Postgraduate Medicine Education are responsible for:

 ·         Overseeing the administration of all Residency Training Programs at the affiliated hospital of Tabriz university of medical Sciences

·         Liaising with other internal departments and external organizations regarding Postgraduate Medical Education.

 ·         Supervising all Residency Training Programs to ensure they meet the standards of the Ministry of health, treatment and medical education of country

·         Promoting and managing cross-disciplinary themes and workshops, and fostering collaboration among Residency Training Programs.

·         Contributing the academic base of Postgraduate Medical Education.