22 October 2018


 The mission of the faculty is to train skilled and efficient medical practitioners and staff at general and specialty levels to meet the medical needs and to guarantee the health services in the future through modern methods of quality education.

Relying on its highly competent academic staff, the efficient structure and available resources, the faculty of medicine operates toward the following missions:

-Promotion of knowledge and skills in various fields of medicine

-Continuing education and training of the graduates and academic staff

-Conducting basic and applied research studies in the clinical and health sciences through the state-of-the-art     technologies and raising funds from other sections of the society.

-Contributing to the health promotion by providing comprehensive, high quality, and cost-effective educational and health services through inter-and intra-departmental cooperation. 


 Our vision is to place the Faculty of the Medicine of the Tabriz among five top universities of the country by 2015 in the fields of education, research, and health promotion and to establish it as a pioneering and outstanding example for other faculties in the refinement and expansion of new educational and research fields based on the needs of the community to promote national and regional health. Furthermore the other vision of this faculty is to be as a pioneer in establishing relations and links with the governmental and non-governmental sectors, attending the international scientific community and venues, and attracting international students in the region