22 October 2018



The role of research is outstanding and undeniable in sustainable development, so it can be known as a motive force for development in all areas including culture, economy, politics and society. With regard to this issue, the need for an organized unit in the form of micro and macro planning was felt in the realm of university, especially in faculty of medicine. In order to achieve this, the research deputy of faculty of medicine was established in June 29, 1992 as an independent unit and separated from educational deputy with the head of Dr. Behrouz Naghili (infectious disease specialist). A by law was regulated by him for writing of thesis and dissertation. The first meeting of defense of thesis was performed at that time by biochemistry department.

After Dr. Naghili, Dr Mohammad Reza Nahaee (Microbiologist) was selected as a dean for research deputy from March 27, 1995 till October 3, 2001. Then Dr. Alireza Farajolahi (PhD of Medical Physics) was responsible and he did so activities in order to improve it.

Dr. Mehdi Farhoudi(neurologist) was dean of research deputy from September, 2007. After him Dr. Ali Meshkini (neuro surgery specialist) undertake this great responsibility from June, 2010.  Dr. Hassan Soleimanpour (Anesthesiology and critical care specialist) was appointed as dean of research deputy in a new form of research and technology deputy in April 7, 2014 …