15 January 2021

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One of the notable characteristics of medicine faculty of Tabriz can be mentioned as the oldest faculty and being leader in educational services, health and research. Other feature of this faculty is to enjoy a large number of full time academic staff with high scientific potential whose support implement for leading a high level of services for patients.

 Mission of Specialty & Subspecialty Education Deputy of medicine faculty is training specialist, subspecialist, and fellowship doctors that their efforts lead to promote mental and physical health of the community. We try to promote our training level to the highest degree to meet these needs of community and positive changes, progress and development is our principles.

 According to the objectives of educational program and Community health needs, we are faced to change our current training program to provide a framework for professional and specialized training in order to implement the standards of our profession and specialty paving. With a mission to pursue an excellence in education and related areas of Medical Sciences and professional practice, we will adhere to the highest standards of academic rigour in all its work, be guided by a concern for truth and justice, and make a positive contribution to the development of individual career and societies facing the challenges of change.


 Promote academic position at regional and international level acquiring the necessary capabilities to provide excellent educational and health services

  Get the first rank in medical sciences and education services with the best quality in medicine sciences

   Increase the publication of scientific articles in the international esteemed  journals and make endeavor to meet the needs of society through public education and applied research

  Access to technologies to produce important determinant for the production

   Improve population health indicators and increase coverage and quality of specialized medical services

   Train the talented residents   for acquiring post office at universities and scientific centers of the country

   Promote quantitative and qualitative indices in residency education

   Empower the counselors

   Promote the role of the research in education

   promote the patient safety

   Reduce the medical errors

   Try to become an accredited center in the region and international admissions

   Upgrad the skills of trainee in the region

   Increase the satisfaction of trainee, faculty member, managers, staff…

   Utilize the information technology in education