03 March 2021


Graduate Assistant & Students’ Affairs


Chief: Dr. Teimour hazratian

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Academic Field: Parasitology- medical Entomology

Contact: 0411-3373744

E-mail: hazratiant@tbzmed.ac.ir


Dear visitors,

Welcome to the post-graduate chancellor site of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.

In this faculty,there is the possibility to study in 4 major courses at PhD level and also 8

MSc. fields.

you can find information about each field in the related links. 


1-    Preparation and strategy formulation of post-graduate educations;

2-     Information gathering and regulations due to post-graduate MSc. And PhD. Courses;

3-    Activation of post-graduate council and its executive regulations to enable the preparation of uniform rules to facilitate students education at the university;

4-    Preparation of students statistics and general information on measures taken in enrolled students and training departments;

5-    Holding dedicated workshops to empower students and teachers on teaching and research methods in post-graduate educations;

6-    Providing students curriculum according to the needs of the society in various fields and its implementation;

7-    Informing and facilitating funding of research proposals and projects for post-graduate students;

8-    Preparation and adjustment of the forms of assessment, selection and the score of the students’ theses in order to more precisely control these processes; and

9-    Codification of incentive policy for students to enhance their scientific productivity.